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What We Do

2D Floor plans

With a 2D Floor plan your viewer or customer can better understand the Dimensions, Layout and Room sizes.
Allowing them to envision the space and plan/decorate the area in their mind. They can also see if the space are adequate and avoid Disappointments on arrival.

3D Floor plans

With a 3D Floor plan your viewer or customer get an overview of the layout but also makes it more alive and appealing than a static 2D Floor plan. It also allows for viewing the space in different angles from above.

Virtual Tours

With a Virtual tour you leave the eagle perspective and are shown around the area from a visitor perspective.
You can add texts and have your client/customer click their way through the area.


Our Process

  • You UPLOAD your images
  • You select a package in the CART
  • You send us the link to your UPLOAD folder
  • We create the project and put it back in your UPLOAD folder

Click on UPLOAD in the top menu.
Create an UPLOAD account.
Upload your sketch and images into a folder you create.
If you have any questions send them to project@roomsanddesign.com

Go to the CART in the Top menu and select what package you are interested in.

  • 2D Floor plan (1 Eagle view in Black & White)
  • 3D Floor plan (1 Eagle view + 1 Circulating Eagle view in Color)
  • Virtual tour (5 pictures with Hotspot text)

Or choose a combination package.
When purchasing from the CART you will have to create an account under MY ACCOUNT.

Mark your folder in UPLOAD and under ACTION choose “Send”.
Send the link to project@roomsanddesign.com

After we create the project we upload it back to your UPLOAD folder.




Customer Says